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Through our extensive network of affiliated firms around the world, we provide expert solutions for clients seeking to establish offshore structures.

Private Wealth and efficient companies’ structures

Silk Legal is highly experienced in creating effective asset protection law strategies. Between offshore banking and holding companies in a variety of global jurisdictions, we have the relationships that meet your needs.

With Silk Legal affiliated partners, our team consult on a large number of offshore jurisdictions and have years of experience finding the best solution for every unique need, want and situation. We are highly skilled in the creation of unique investment and holding vehicles for professionals, high-earners, company founders/directors and those with inherited wealth. Let us guide you in setting up offshore corporations, foundations, trusts, by choosing the most adequate jurisdiction.

Investment funds assistance


Silk Legal can assist clients in the formation of offshore trust structures to ensure that holdings are protected. A trust can provide a level of protection for assets from creditors or legal claims. Placing assets in an irrevocable trust, for example, may make them more difficult for creditors to reach.

Trust structures are also useful for privacy purposes as trusts can offer a greater degree of privacy compared to probate proceedings, which are usually matters of public record. This is because the terms of trust generally remain private.

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