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Corporate Due Diligence

Corporate due diligence is the bedrock of any business requiring comprehensive disclosure of critical information. Silk Legal offers a comprehensive due diligence service to its clients, whether it involves a multifaceted examination of corporate aspects or an internal investigation into a company’s status within the UAE.

Given that due diligence serves as a fundamental prerequisite for secured financing, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, and investments, it must be conducted with the utmost precision. At Silk Legal, our seasoned team of lawyers sets the gold standard for reviewing all facets of a business, providing clients with a risk-free pathway. Our legal experts boast extensive experience in conducting corporate due diligence at both macro and micro levels, encompassing contracts, syndicated deals, policies, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, debt financing, equity management, and all forms of direct and indirect finance.

Typically, for potential collaborations, due diligence encompasses an examination of the financial, legal, labor, tax, environmental, and commercial positions of target companies. Depending on the specific nature of the transaction, our team analyzes matters such as annual returns, growth strategies, market operations, legal proceedings, existing third-party contracts, compliance with local and international laws, intellectual property, real and personal property, insurance coverage, liability, debt instruments, employee benefits, and more.

Our corporate due diligence is designed to shield clients from all forms of business and legal risks by conducting in-depth analyses of underlying documents, permits, legal status, and other pertinent information related to the prospective transaction.

In essence, Silk Legal’s attorneys combine knowledge, experience, and unparalleled legal acumen to empower clients with well-informed decision-making capabilities.

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