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Whether our clients seek to form a company in the UAE, obtain certifications, or conduct any other corporate services, we provide them with the needed support at each step. 

Company Formation

Effortlessly form a company in the UAE! Silk Legal’s highly experienced team will guide you through the most challenging phases of the incorporation process, ensuring a smooth and successful launch for your business endeavors.

Commercial Transactions

Commercial transactions are fundamental to the success of any business operating in the UAE. That’s why Silk Legal has an accomplished commercial advisory team ready to manage the intricacies of agreements, terms, and negotiations for all your business needs. In today’s complex legal environment, flawless commercial transactions are paramount.

Corporate Due Diligence

Corporate due diligence is the bedrock of any business requiring comprehensive disclosure of critical information. Silk Legal offers a comprehensive due diligence service to its clients, whether it involves a multifaceted examination of corporate aspects or an internal investigation into a company’s status within the UAE.

Corporate Services

Silk Legal is your comprehensive solution for all your corporate legal requirements, advisory services, and consultancy needs within the UAE. We offer expert guidance on selecting the entity that aligns perfectly with your business objectives and take pride in providing easy access to a wide range of services at competitive rates. With substantial expertise in corporate planning and corporate structuring, we cater to companies of all sizes and across various industries, from multinational corporations to startups and SMEs. Rather than simply informing clients about legal statutes, we aim to offer a tailored suite of services and solutions tailored to your specific industry and business needs.

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