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Silk Legal is a renowned law firm dedicated to navigating the intricate legal landscape of the United Arab Emirates while leveraging its in-depth understanding of the local regulatory environment and commercial dynamics while providing customized solutions for its local and international clients. Equipped to address and anticipate both present and future challenges, Silk Legal is committed to ensuring its clients' success by leveraging its long-lasting experience to date while delivering expert legal support. Whether you're establishing a new company, expanding your operations in the United Arab Emirates, or exploring new venues for your business needs, Silk Legal can guide you and efficiently handle complex situations and propose value-driven solutions.

Dr. Jason Corbett

A Message from the Managing Partner

I have always identified as both a lawyer and an entrepreneur, and this dual perspective has been instrumental in shaping Silk Legal’s unique culture. At the core of our ethos lies the relentless pursuit of the entrepreneurial spirit, ensuring that we deliver legal excellence that aligns with our clients’ ever-evolving needs. As a result, we are quick to adapt to emerging trends in the market, making us leading practitioners in fintech, conventional, and alternative medicine, as recognized by numerous industry publications.

With our deep-rooted expertise in the regulatory landscapes of Thailand, the UAE, and other jurisdictions, coupled with our extensive experience in handling commercial matters, we are well-prepared to guide you through your challenges and help you prepare for future ones. To us, the law is a powerful tool for transforming your vision into reality.

Silk Legal revolves around providing unparalleled service to clients seeking to expand their businesses within the UAE.


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